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Baked fresh each day, you're sure to find something to please!

Our bakery staff start early each morning to produce an extensive range of breads, pastries, rolls, biscuits, donuts, cupcakes, cakes and desserts for you each day. Our aim is to have the right selection available for our customers so if you have any particular requirements please let us know. Our staff also love special occasion baking and producing seasonal goods so be sure to keep an eye out at Easter, Christmas and Australia Day!

We also stock
· organic breads
· gluten free breads and desserts
· wheat free breads
· yeast free breads
· artisan loaves
· low carb breads

Our Easy Living section is where you'll find quick and easy meal solutions, many of these being made right here in Adelaide. If it is a meal for one or a meal for the whole family, we have it for you.

· Pasta meals such as Lasagnes, Risottos, Tortellini, Spaghetti,
· Curries and Asian style meals
· Small batch cooked soups
· Garlic Breads
· Ready made Pizzas
· Frittatas
· Vegetarian
· Gourmet Salads
· Pies, pasties and sausage rolls